August 15, 2022


Bandi Chhorh Diwas celebrated with devotion at Sri Harmandar Sahib

Kaumimarg Bureau/ Charanjit singh | November 05, 2021 08:02 PM



The Bandi Chhorh Diwas was celebrated with devotion and fervor at Sri Harmandar Sahib to commemorate the arrival of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib, the sixth Guru at Sri Amritsar, as he reached here after getting released 52 Rajahs from Gwalior Fort's imprisonment in the 17th century.

On this occasion, lakhs of pilgrims paid obeisance at the Guru's house.

Following the tradition, the officiating Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh issued a message to the Sikh Qaum (community) from the Darshani Deorhi of Sri Harmandar Sahib. Moreover, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) President Bibi Jagir Kaur and other prominent personalities of the community also shared their Gurmat views with the Sangat.

Delivering his message to the Sikh community, Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said that there is a need to take guidance from the principle blessed by Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib on this great day by getting released 52 imprisoned Rajahs from Gwalior Fort.

"It is unfortunate that today our Sikh youth have been lodged in various jails of India for a long time and they have also completed their sentence terms given by the courts but the Government of India is not releasing them. The Qaumi (community's) organisations of the Sikh community need to put serious pressure on the Government of India of the community-level for the release of the imprisoned youths", said Giani Harpreet Singh.

In his message, Giani Harpreet Singh said, "The incident like Lakhimpur Kheri has crossed all the lines of injustice and misgovernance, which is an issue to resolve of great urgency for the government, country, and people."

The Jathedar said that in today's time some people are working to forcibly convert the religion of people in lieu of greed or by misguiding them and the Sikh community needs to be vigilant about the same.

"For this task, the Sikh organisations need to build such plans that would free the entire Sikh community from poverty, illiteracy, diseases and helplessness. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, people suffered financially and mentally and it is now imperative for one Sikh to support another Sikh to recover from this tragedy", said Giani Harpreet Singh.

Giani Harpreet Singh said that the Sikh Gurus provided a golden opportunity for establishing a new era of understanding and development for the entire world by abolishing the norms of caste-based division and discrimination.

"For making the lives comfortable of all minorities, backward classes, farmers and labourers including Sikhs in entire world, cheap and good education, healthcare, justice, employment opportunities should be provided and hateful discrimination should be stopped", said Giani Harpreet Singh.

Giani Harpreet Singh also congratulated all the Sangat on the eve of Bandi Chhorh Diwas.

Sikh Guru conveyed message of protection of fundamental human rights and way to strengthen bonds of communal harmony: Bibi Jagir Kaur

Sharing her views from the Darshani Deori of Sri Harmandar Sahib on the eve of Bandi Chhorh Diwas, SGPC President Bibi Jagir Kaur congratulated the Sangat and urged the entire Khalsa Panth to unite and flourish Gurbani, Gur-Itihas (Gurus' history) and Gurmat Rehni (living as per teachings of Sikh Gurus).

She said that Bandi Chhorh Diwas is a unique saga of the Sikh history that sets an example for human freedom as well as rights, truth and justice.

"By releasing 52 Rajahs from Gwalior Fort imprisonment, the sixth Guru conveyed the message of protection of fundamental human rights and the way to strengthen the bonds of communal harmony", said Bibi Jagir Kaur.

SGPC President said that we should never forget that the governments of the time always tried to oppress the Sikh community.

"This phenomenon has not stopped even today. In the 18th century, the Sikh Panth used to gather at Amritsar and devise a plan to take stock of the community's affairs and set future priorities and that gathering united the community with Charhdi Kala (rising spirit), courage, self-respect, bravery, and sentience even in the strict era of the rulers. Similarly, there is a need for the community to unite and sit together in present time", said Bibi Jagir Kaur.

The SGPC President in his address also recalled the martyrdom of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh. She said that the martyrdom of Bhai Mani Singh Ji had further strengthened the unity and Qaumi spirit in the community. She appealed to the Sangat and especially the Sikh youth to take inspiration from the life of Bhai Mani Singh.

Head granthi of Sachkhand Sri Harmandar Sahib Giani Jagtar Singh, Jathedar of Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib Giani Raghbir Singh, Jathedar of Takht Sri Patna Sahib Giani Ranjit Singh Gauhar-E-Maskeen, head of Damdami Taksal Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa, Head of Panth Akali Buddha Dal Baba Balbir Singh, SGPC chief secretary Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami also shared their views and congratulated the Sangat on the occasion. The stage was managed by OSD to SGPC President Dr Amrik Singh Latifpur.

Others present on the occasion included SGPC general secretary Advocate Bhagwant Singh Sialka, secretary S. Mahinder Singh Ahli, additional secretaries Sukhdev Singh Bhurakohna, S. Paramjit Singh Saroa, S. Partap Singh, assistant secretaries S. Kulwinder Singh Ramdas and S. Tejinder Singh Padda, manager Sri Darbar Sahib S. Gurinder Singh Mathrewal, OSD to SGPC President Dr Sukhbir Singh, honorary secretary S. Gurmeet Singh, superintendent S. Malkit Singh Beharwal, S. Jaspal Singh Dhade and others.

Sangat had glimpse of Deepmala and fireworks at Sri Darbar Sahib

With regards to celebration of Bandi Chhorh Diwas at Sri Harmandar Sahib, religious congregations and events were organized at Gurdwara Sri Manji Sahib Diwan Hall in which raagi, dhadi (balladeers) and kavishar (poetry) groups and preachers (pracharaks) connected the Sangat with the history of the day, praises of the Guru and with Gurbani Kirtan. After the recitation of Rehras Sahib at Sri Harmandar Sahib, a symbolic fireworks display was held at Sri Darbar Sahib for nearly 10 minutes, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the Sangat. On this occasion Deepmala (lighting earthen lamps and candles) at Sri Darbar Sahib complex was also the center of attraction for the Sangat.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib honours Nihang Singh organisations

Following the tradition since the times of the Gurus on the eve of Bandi Chhorh Diwas, the representatives of Nihang Singh organizations and sampradas were honoured with the Guru's blessing Siropaos (robes of honour) at Sri Akal Takht Sahib by the Jathedars. Among the personalities honoured included head of Panth Akali Buddha Dal Baba Balbir Singh, head of Dal Baba Bidhi Chand Samprada Baba Avtar Singh Sursingh, head of Tarna Dal Baba Nihal Singh, Baba Gajjan Singh of Baba Bakala, Baba Vasan Singh Marhianwala, Baba Darshan Singh Tahla Sahib, Baba Major Singh, Baba Tarlok Singh and others.

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