February 09, 2023


Milwaukee Police Department first India-born officer who retired from the service after 21 years: new york

Pakistan Punjab have been feeling the heat of fuel shortage:local media reported

Turkey and Syria earlier this week 8,326 people have now been confirmed dead and nearly 40,000 injured

Imran accused of receiving bribes via his frontwoman, Farah Gogi

US state's Senate passes bill to allow fireworks during Diwali

European states dispatch rescue teams to Turkey, Syria after deadly quakes

Indian-American Ro Khanna elected co-chair of India caucus

US State Senate passes resolution honouring Sikh community

Top US cybersecurity diplomat's Twitter account hacked

Technology sector cuts most jobs in January in US

Part of road in Canada to be named Komagata Maru Way

US shoots down Chinese spy balloon, confirms Biden

Sikh boy asked to remove Patka during football match in Spain

Aus supermarket giants ordered to clean up soft plastic waste

BSF shoots down Pakistani drone in Punjab; heroin seized

Canada to delay assisted dying for persons suffering solely from mental illness

Pro-Pakistan Democratic Party representative ousted from US Congress panel

Pakistan's inflation creates a new record

New Zealand's unemployment rate reaches 3.4%

Canada GDP indicated a 0.4 % increase in the fourth quarter of 2022 and a 0.1 % increase in December

Indian-American named chair of Washington state Democrats

Turnout of Tunisia's 2nd round of legislative polls at 11.3%

Khalistani supporters, Indians clash in Australia; 2 arrested

British PM Rishi Sunak sacks party chairman after tax probe

H-1B registrations for 2024 to open from March 1

UK mulls allowing foreign students to work for longer hours

Indian-American loses election to head Republican Party after challenging establishment

Indian-origin Sikh engineer wins PM Rishi Sunak's award

China claims Covid wave has past its peaked

US operation in Somalia kills senior IS leader

Indian student dies after being struck by a police vehicle in US

Putin wishes Murmu, Modi on Republic Day, hails India's contributions

Bank of Canada hikes policy interest rate by 25 basis points

Indian man shot dead in US by 3 masked men

Bienvenue! Canada welcomes record number of French-speaking immigrants

Countrywide power breakdown: Pakistan national grid early Monday morning

TIFF's senior Indo-Canadian executive dies at 37

Indian drunk driver jailed for injuring pedestrian in Dubai

Sikh found guilty of murdering father of four in UK

Over 17,000 weapons surrendered under Australian gun amnesty