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Madhusmita Nayak : An award-winning Business Excellence Professional from UAE

Viikass Jolly/ Kaumimarg Bureau | July 30, 2021 09:03 PM

Madhusmita Nayak is a Senior Strategy and Business Excellence Officer in Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Government of Dubai. She holds other honorary roles such as Deputy Regional Director-ASQ, UAE and Director General, UAE for Global Council for the promotion of International Trade. She is an ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club for alleviating poverty and supporting SMEs in Commonwealth countries. She also holds the role of Senior Assessor in various UAE Government and International Business Excellence Awards. She is an avid reader and writer in different social media platforms. Recently, she has stumbled into writing by co-authoring a book “Falling in Love with India” which is published in Amazon that will that will take the readers in an amazing journey into the land of beauty and splendour.
She was born in a small state in the East of India named Odisha, which is very much known for the natural calamities, poverty and maoist attack, however a large number of tourists from across the country and the world visit Odisha for its natural beauty, temples, caves and many more attractions. For most of her life, whenever she has declared herself, she is an Odia, the response has been a thoughtful 'hmm' followed by "where it is?", "oh, is it rare cyclone hits every year?", irrespective the universal popularity of "the lord of the universe: Jagannath".
Despite that she feels very nice when she represents herself in different forums locally and internationally as speaker, volunteer and supporter of women and young minds who needs guidance from being accepted in the society. She is a ‘happy go lucky’ person and a big time dreamer who believes that dreams come true. She is a believer of commitment, integrity and empathy. Her vision is to build a self - sufficient community, where she wants everyone to be able to fulfil one’s own needs without help from others.
Madhusmita Nayak is a certified KPI professional, and an engineer by qualification. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, she has completed her MBA degree in Marketing. She holds many other certifications including Registered Organisational Excellence Specialist. She has more than 13 years of experience in field of strategy, enterprise performance evaluation and driving culture of excellence. She further holds certifications in Lead Auditor ISO 9001, certified EFQM Assessor - EFQM, Brussels, certified 6 Sigma Green Belt - KPMG, GRI G4 sustainability reporting certified and certified fire and safety from Dubai Civil Defence.

Daughter of Dr. Chaturbhuja Nayak and Mrs.Bidulata Nayak moved to UAE in year of 2008 and has been a continuous improvement expert with a mindset of looking for even very tiny opportunities improvement and acting on those opportunities with compassion.
UAE based Odia aspirant Madhusmita Nayak has been awarded with the Inspiring Woman Business Leader Award 2021, during the Women Leadership Summit 2021 on 12th June in Dubai under the patronage of the private office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi. Ms Salwa Abdul Aziz Zein was the chief guest. The Women Leadership Summit awards 2021 were launched to appreciate commendable work done by women leaders in various fields, which was the brainchild of Ms. Nousheen Mukhtar. Overwhelmed by the appreciation, Madhusmita said, " I am honoured to have been recognised with the award’. In 2020, she received the Distinguished Leadership Award for her contribution in the field of education at the International Education Summit and Awards 2020 held on December 20. She was also voted as LinkedIn’s most powerful profile of the year 2020.
Living in UAE, Madhusmita is exposed to people of different culture, races and traditions which inspired her to deliver her experiences through writing. She is a proud mum and advocate of women empowerment. She mentors’ students, young professionals and entrepreneurs from UAE, India and Africa. She is associated with developing sustainable partners across UAE like Dubai Chamber, Engage Dubai, Emirates Environmental Group, Dubai Quality Group, Dubai Economic Department etc.
She believes in her top Clifton strengths “Communication”, “Competition”, “Maximiser”, “Significance” and “Focus” and uses them with diligently to create a fine integration between passion and compassion to make all possibilities into opportunities for a better world and future.

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