'Nonsense Club' to give tuition for LS polls

Devinder singh kohli | April 08, 2019 07:56 PM
Kaumi Marg Bureau

Chandigarh, The late Jaspal Bhatti's 'Nonsense Club' on Monday announced special 'tuitions' for politicians and voters ahead of the Lok Sabha battle.

Nonsense Club member Savita Bhatti inaugurated the 'Coaching Centre' here and said that the classes were the need of the hour.

"Like for entrance into the Civil Services and professional college, politics has become the most profitable business. With the opening of this Coaching Centre, the voters and leaders will be educated in the latest trends in voting and elections," she said.

"For the voters, our experienced faculty will be teaching how to sell their votes to the most lucrative bidder. They should not be tempted to sell their votes to the first person who comes along," said Savita, the widow of well-known comedian Jaspal Bhatti.

Nonsense Club co-founder Vinod Sharma said that the party hoppers were the life and soul of the elections and the centre will teach them how to excel in the field further.

"Our faculty would also teach the leaders about latest trends in booth capturing and EVM tampering," he said.

Savita Bhatti added that Nonsense Club would approach the Election Commission to give the 'theka' (contract) of opening such coaching centres all over India.

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