March 03, 2021


Modi govt is raising inflation at the behest of corporate houses: Rajinder Badheri | February 19, 2021 02:21 PM

 Chandigarh,  Chandigarh State President of the All India Jatt Mahasabha  S. Rajinder Singh Badheri has expressed deep concern over the rising cost of living for the general public.

 "In fact, transportation costs are going up due to the fire in oil prices, " he said. That is why inflation is rising day by day. He alleged that the BJP and the RSS-led Modi government were fully responsible for the situation. This government wants to eradicate the poor people and establish capitalists and big corporate houses in the country forever.

 Mr. Badheri said that at present the Modi government was getting all sorts of signals from corporate houses and these capitalist elements were forcing the central government to formulate policies in their favor to sell their products at exorbitant prices.

# Farmer leader S. Badheri further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was flying in the sky at the moment and he did not care about the common man suffering from inflation nor did he care about the plight of the #farmers who had been agitating for a long time. At the moment PM is flying in the sky, but soon he will fall into the sea.

He said that as rapidly as Narendra Modi emerged as a national leader, the general public would now sink into the depths of his downfall. Mr. Badheri said that #farmers, laborers and employees were soon going to teach a good lesson to the Modi government.

Mr. Badheri also said that Under the Dr. Manmohan Singh government, the price of oil per barrel was double what it is now, but still it was not as expensive as it is today. Then the BJP leaders would walk around the streets naked and 'agitating'. Incumbent Union Minister Smriti Irani used to walk around the streets carrying LPG cylinders. But now the government does not care about the poor. The 'excesses' of the government would get soon its 'end' also.

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