Pollution is a giant killer- K.S. Pannu | September 24, 2019 07:04 PM
Pollution is a giant killer- K.S. Pannu

A seminar on ‘Clean environment Healthy Life’ was organized by SPEAK India(Society for Promotion of Ethical and Affordable Health Care), in collaboration with PostGraduate Government college 46B. Presenting his keynote address Dr. R.KumarPresident of SPEAK narrated the woes of unhealthy environment, its magnitude andhow it kills slowly but surely, contributing about 40% to the toll of deaths in India. In thename of development and modernity we have damaged our environment and producedsickening conditions for the community, said Dr. Kumar.Speaking in the session of principal speakers Dr. S.K.Jindal professor emeritus PGIelaborated on the ill effects of polluted air and how it leads to lung cancer, chronicobstructive lung disease and heart failures. Restricting vehicular emissions can help.Prof Ajay Duseja from the Hepatology dept PGI outlined the aspects of contaminatedand scarce water all over the country and resultant diarrheal diseases and liver damageplaying havoc with the life of citizens specially children. He focused over the handhygiene as a measure to reduce water borne diseases. Professor Ravinder Khaiwal ofpublic health department PGI spoke about the dangers of plastics and chemicals in ourfoods and drinks. He further cautioned about the abuse of prescription drugs esp.antibiotics, pain killers and anxiolytics.. Ms Harvinder Khetal from the Tribune dwelt onthe socioeconomic aspects of pollution. ‘Over-population and poverty cause pollutionand pollution accentuates disease and poverty’, she emphasized. The session waschaired by Prof Sanjay Bhasin, chief of Haryana Kala Parishad and Prof ArundeepAhluwalia of Punjab University.Sh K.S. Pannu IAS, Head Tandrust Punjab mission and secretary agriculture was thechief guest. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Pannu said that environment and health areclosely related and it requires concerted efforts from the public as well as variousdepartments of the Government to control environment. While stubble burning is a bigproblem, vehicles and urbanization are even bigger problems in causing pollution. Thechief guest admired the efforts of SPEAK India to promote preventive health and cleansurroundings. Others who spoke included Dr. S.S.Bhatti, Dr. Paramjit Singh, Dr. PreethiPradhan, Sh Ashok sood and others.The seminar was preceded by one act play highlighting the importance of cleanenvironment and potential of suffering from diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and lungdiseases in polluted set up. Principal Rosy Walia Joshi welcomed the guests and profPraveen Choubey proposed vote of thanks

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