July 21, 2024


Tinu claimed Surinder Kaur's son Karan of illegally converting commercial land into residential and selling it

Kaumimarg Bureau | July 08, 2024 07:23 PM

Jalandhar-Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has again made a big allegation on Congress party candidate Surinder Kaur in Jalandhar West Assembly by-election after the land scam. The party said that Congress candidate Surinder Kaur, while being senior deputy mayor, recruited her son as Junior Engineer (JE) in the Municipal Corporation.

Exposing this in a press conference on Monday, AAP leader Pawan Kumar Tinu said that Surinder Kaur got her son Karan Suman recruited as JE through outsourcing via Gretis company in the corporation on 9 January 2019. He said that thousands of youth are sitting unemployed in Jalandhar with engineering degrees but the former senior deputy mayor of Congress gave the job to his son instead of them.

He said that his son never went to work after being recruited as JE. He only took the salary. This is clearly defrauding the government treasury and taking advantage of one's position. Tinu also showed the media a letter referenced by the senior deputy mayor related to this appointment of Gretis company and said that Surinder Kaur used the position only to benefit her family.

He sought a reply from Surinder Kaur on this matter and said that this is actually the culture of the Congress party. After getting the chair, its leaders work for the economic development of their family and relatives instead of the common people. He said that the policy of the Congress party is to loot the money meant for the poor and distribute it among their family members. He said that in the 2017 elections, the Congress party had promised to give jobs to every household and when it came to giving jobs, its MLAs and ministers appointed their family members. Surinder Kaur's case is an example of the same culture of Congress.

He said that Congress candidate Surinder Kaur was the senior deputy mayor for five years, but was never available for the common people. Her office always remained closed. While being the deputy mayor, she could not even get a tubewell installed in her own ward.

 Yesterday Pawan Tinu had claimed Surinder Kaur's son of illegally selling 125 marla commercial land of Coca Cola Company in Deol Nagar, Jalandhar by converting it into a residential plot and had demanded a vigilance inquiry into the matter.

Pawan Tinu appealed to the people and said that Jalandhar can develop only when honest people become MLAs and ministers. So reject the corrupt leaders through your votes and choose an honest person like Mohinder Bhagat as your representative.

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