May 25, 2024


Sukhbir Urges people to evaluate if Amritpal had been propped up by central agencies

Kaumimarg Bureau | May 15, 2024 09:52 PM

Jandiala-Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today appealed to Punjabis to understand the conspiracy under which Bhai Amritpal Singh was being fielded as an independent candidate from Khadoor Sahib constituency even as he asked Sikhs to determine whether a person who had acquired Sikhi saroop one year earlier was fit to lead them or their own 103 years old party which was steeped in the blood of their forefathers.

The SAD president, who held massive public meetings here and at Baba Bakala in favour of party candidate Virsa Singh Valtoha, said “how can a person who wears a ‘chola’ and partakes ‘amrit’ one year back represent the Panth and not a 103 year old party which has a consistent track record of safeguarding panthic values''. Urging the people to evaluate if Amritpal had been propped up by central agencies, he said “what other explanation can be that a person who was first propped up, then projected, then arrested and is now was being kept in safe custody only to be used as a candidate in the parliamentary elections to counter the popularity of the SAD''. He also pointed out the dichotomy in Amritpal’s earlier stand that he did not want to enter politics and was only interested in ‘amrit parchar’ and fighting the drug menace. “It is also a fact that Amritpal was facilitated to file his nomination papers despite being incarcerated under the NSA in Dibrugarh”, Mr Badal added.

Going further, the SAD president questioned how Amritpal could think of leading the ‘quom’ when he could not remain in jail for one year also. “Our family did not hold dharnas to free S Parkash Singh Badal when he remained in jail for 16 years'', Mr Badal asserted adding “Akali leaders themselves courted arrested and never disguised themselves to avoid being caught as had been done by Amritpal''. Mr Badal also made it clear that Amritpal was contesting elections to free himself and not the Bandi Singhs. “All families of Bandi Singhs are with the SAD”, he added.

 The SAD president also appealed to the electorate to remember that voting would happen on June 1, the same day in 1984 when Indira Gandhi attacked Sri Darbar Sahib with tanks and mortars. He said Sikhs should also remember the manner in which their brethren were massacred in Delhi and elsewhere in 1984 under a Congress sponsored program.

Speaking about the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr Badal said “it is losing the elections. Forget securing 400 seats; it won’t be able to secure 200 seats”. He also condemned the divisive campaign being run by the BJP, saying every minority had the same rights as the majority section of society.

Party Khadoor Sahib candidate Virsa Singh Valtoha highlighted how the compatriots of Amritpal Singh, who were incarcerated with him in Dibrugarh jail, had revolted against the latter’s decision to contest the polls. He said seven out of the ten detainees had shifted to a separate barrack and were now partaking their meals also separately. He also detailed how he had spent three years out of a total sentence of 7.5 years under NSA with chains fixed to his legs. He also disclosed that his family members were not allowed to meet him for nine and a half months.

Later he also held massive rallies in Atari, Amritsar (West) and Amritsar (South) in favour of party’s Amritsar Lok Sabha candidate Anil Joshi.

Meanwhile, Baljit Singh Jalalusma, Satinderjit Singh Chajjalwaddi, Gulzar Singh Ranike, Surjit Singh Pehlwan and Gurpreet Singh Randhawa also addressed the gatherings.

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