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X now lets you broadcast community posts to all followers on iOS

IANS | December 06, 2023 06:32 PM

Elon Musk-run X on Wednesday released a new feature that will let users share their community posts with all followers on iOS.

An engineer at X announced the feature in a post, saying that the new feature is available to users on iOS first and will be available on the web and Android soon.

"We just released a new feature in the latest iOS update. When you post to a community, you can now also ‘share the post with your followers’. Community post will be broadcasted to your followers and visible in your profile. Coming soon to Web and Android, " he wrote.

Users who want to broadcast a community post can do so by selecting the "Also send to followers" option when posting in a community. The post will also be available in the poster's profile.

In October, X launched two new subscription plans for its users, including a $16 per month Premium Plus plan that lets people pay more to get the biggest boost for their replies.

In addition to Premium Plus, the company has also launched a new “Basic” option for $3 per month for a small boost to your replies.

The platform also launched a new Basic tier for $3 per month (when signing up via the web) that “gives you access to the most essential Premium features”.

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