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'Karmaa Meets Kismet' director feels 'connected to her roots' with Sanjay Mishra

IANS | May 28, 2023 10:02 PM

Gitanjalli Aran, the director of the upcoming film 'Karmaa Meets Kismet', has shared that she feels connected to her roots in the company of her film's actor Sanjay Mishra and that he makes her feel creatively nourished through their conversations.

'Karmaa Meets Kismet', which also stars Farida Jalal, is a tale of 'Karma' and 'Destiny'. The director has opened up about her experience of working with the veteran actors and how they became a part of the script.

Heaping praise on Sanjay Mishra, Gitanjalli shared: "With Sanjay sir, I always felt connected to my roots. Our conversations mostly revolved around art, music and literature. I always felt creatively nourished in his company. His expansive knowledge of art and literature always allured me. I wanted to learn as much as possible from him. What can one say about him as an actor? He brings your imagination alive and adds so much value that your vision too expands.

"It was evolving to direct him. I evolved not only as a film maker but also as a human. His connection to his roots is something to learn from. He makes you proud of who you are. With him I learnt the significance of Improvisation. As a creative mind sometimes you tend to block your vision but spending so much time with him I learnt that even the best can be further enhanced, " she added.

She also shared her experience of working with senior actress Farida Jalal.

"Working with Farida ma'am was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I had grown up watching her on the big screen and when I saw her in real life I went quiet. I preferred to just keep listening to her. I knew the value of this opportunity and therefore, did not want to miss even a single moment with her. She gave me a glimpse of true humility. Despite doing more than 200 films, her humbleness touched me. She made the entire set so lively and positive.

"She carries the same loving energy in real life just as she does in reel life. You can never miss her warmth. When as a writer you think of the most loving senior member of your family, who else comes to mind? I ensured that I always received her from her Vanity before every shoot, " she added.

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