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Play Time, napping or skincare

IANS/Kaumimarg Bureau | October 19, 2022 11:09 AM

New Delhi:  Our adult lives are full of daily rituals that keep us on schedule right from morning routines to gym routines. However, much we may want to break free from the shackles of our timebound daily tasks, they actually help us achieve a mental sense of achievement contributing towards growth.

In a much similar manner, children - especially newborns and toddlers, require regular routines that help bring stability and comfort in their growing years. Even though a newborn cannot distinguish between dawn and dusk, ensuring a set routine for feeding, nap, playtime and body care can be a great step towards providing your baby with the care and affection that is quintessential for their healthy development.

Still wondering if you should set a routine for your munchkin? Cetaphil Baby's team of experts have got you covered by jotting down the top four reasons why going by the clock is the best for your baby!

Fixing a feeding schedule

Frequent feeding at fixed intervals is a must for babies. Ensuring fibre and nutrients rich food combined with routine feeding is the first step towards your baby's healthy growth!

Play at the right hour

Parents are their baby's first playmates. The two of them can connect through play in an enjoyable way. Marking that one evening slot to spend some fun time and cuddle with your little one is a great way to strengthen your bonding without hampering your baby's schedule!

Nap schedule is a must

One cannot stress enough the importance of a good bedtime routine for babies. Apart from playing a major role in cognitive development, frequent napping ensures your baby is happy and flowing with energy during these growth years.

A nourishing body-care routine

Well, there's more to a baby's daily routine than simply the eat, play, sleep and repeat pattern. Babies' supple and fragile body is prone to skin allergies, hair damage and dehydration. Products including a hypoallergenic shampoo and body lotion are must-haves for your baby's body-care regime to ensuregood hair health and retain moisture in the skin without exposing your baby to chemicals. For instance, Cetaphil Baby's Daily Lotion & Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo provide a two-step kit to ensure a nourishing body-care routine for your baby!

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