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5 ed-tech that are helping kids move beyond textbooks

IANSlife | August 23, 2022 11:22 AM

It's critical to explore beyond textbooks in the twenty-first century. Today, there are countless resources for learning. When we restrict the scope of instruction to a certain field, the purpose of education is irretrievably lost.

Different new-age companies are now offering communication, critical thinking, and experiential learning. According to research, regularly utilising resources other than textbooks can aid students in learning more quickly and effectively.

In reality, by making learning familiar and meaningful to pupils, employing resources besides the textbook can help to promote authenticity in learning activities.

Here are 5 brands that are helping kids move beyond textbooks:


A customised book service for children called Merlinwand makes them into their own heroes. In a world of information overload, extremely high video consumption, and screen time, Merlinwand is on a mission to support kids in donning their thinking and creative hats and unleashing their true potential. By include such components in their customised story books, they also hope to educate children about social environmental issues and experiences. The Tingling Finger, The Climate Ninja, The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer, The Great Timbooktu Rescue, The Music Band, etc. are just a few of the novels they have available.


Over 150 million students worldwide have access to highly adaptive, interesting, and efficient learning solutions thanks to the global ed-tech business BYJU'S.

With technologies that lie at the intersection of mobile, interactive content and personalised learning approaches, it provides a learning experience of the highest calibre. With visual and contextual programmes that adjust to each student's individual learning style, ability level, and pace, teachers engage students in their lessons.


Kiddopia provides engaging games and activities to encourage creativity and cognitive growth. Through a variety of imaginative and intriguing activities, the subscription-based software stimulates learning and entertains users.

Kiddopia is a secure, welcoming, and supportive setting that aims to support each child in realising their greatest potential. Their Curriculum-Linked Math Program, Language Skills, General Knowledge, Creativity and Role Playing, Social-Emotional Learning, and Reporting Dashboard are the key components of their Total Integrative Learning.


PlayShifu is an AR toy startup that is redefining the future of play by giving kids engaging learning opportunities today. Kids may develop STEAM and other fundamental skills like critical thinking, engineering, and geography with the help of 16 toys that offer unique tactile play experiences for children ages 4 to 12. This platform fosters the idea that screen time should be beneficial rather than thoughtless.


One of the first early learning apps in India, Kutuki uses original stories and curricula based on songs to draw in the country's youngest students. Through the creation of contextual, multilingual information that Indian parents and children can relate to, the interactive Kutuki app seeks to shape the minds of the young. With their localised language content, they are gaining ground in Tier I, II, and III cities.

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