October 05, 2023

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Google gets poll panel nod to keep politician emails out of spam in US

IANS | August 12, 2022 11:07 AM

Google has received a go-ahead from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in the US to keep politician campaign emails from being marked as spam.

Google will now allow candidates and political party committees to apply for its programme that would make their messages exempt from Gmail's spam detection systems, reports The Verge.

"I have a hard time getting around the fact that this is a unique benefit offered to political committees, and only political committees, " FEC commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub sails quoted as saying in the report.

Google had asked the FEC in June to allow a programme that could keep campaign emails from ending up in spam folders.

First reported by Axios, Google's pilot programme would be for "authorised candidate committees, political party committees and leadership political action committees registered with the FEC."

The programme was announced after Google came under heavy criticism that its algorithms unfairly target conservative content across its services and filters Republican fundraising and campaign emails to spam.

"Our goal during this pilot program is to assess alternative ways of addressing concerns from bulk senders, while giving users clear controls over their inboxes to minimise unwanted email, " a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

"We will continue to monitor feedback as the pilot rolls out to ensure it is meeting its goals, " said the company.

Former US President Donald Trump's campaigns were criticised for using spammy tactics in its fundraising emails.

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