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This book reveals the secrets to diabetes reversal

IANSlife | January 22, 2022 10:37 AM

"Diabetes is reversible? I never knew that!" Most patients, dieticians and doctors consider Type 2 diabetes to be a chronic and progressive disease that can only be managed with medicine. However, the truth cant be further than that.

Nucros Science & Taste, Founder, Sakshi Bakshi who comes from a background in healthcare and doctors, reveals in her recently launched book, '21 Secrets to Diabetes Reversal' that it is easy to manage diabetes, get off insulin, lower your blood sugar - all with the help of simple changes while still enjoying the food you love.

With an aim to alleviate the concerns of diabetics and their families and friends, providing correct, scientific advice while sharing tips, tricks and secrets to reverse diabetes. Sakshi compiled in an easy-to-read format with helpful visualizations, real-life case studies and examples, a complete day-by-day diet chart and menu guide for reversing diabetes in 21 days and easy to make dessert recipes for all your sugar cravings! Wouldn't you love to say one day- "I used to have diabetes"; and we are here to help you through it.

Read Exceprts of an interview with Sakshi Bakshi

What compelled you to write "21 Secrets to Diabetes Reversal"?

Sakshi: I think what compelled me the most to write this book was my personal experience with diabetes and its severe consequences. My grandfather had diabetes for 30-40 years of his life and by the end of his life, he couldn't see anything because he developed diabetic retinopathy and that is one of the prime reasons I wanted to write this book. So that I can help more people in reversing it while it can still be reversed.

How did you come to realize that diabetes is reversible?

Sakshi: Of course, I always knew diabetes is reversible because my father is a diabetologist. I've seen him talk about diabetes to his patients and how he has helped people with reversing type 2 diabetes with just lifestyle modification. So when I realized that it is possible to reverse, I also realised, most people are either not aware or don't know how to reverse it.

People don't have access to an exact plan on how to reverse it, so that is where I realized that there is a gap in the market. That's how I came up with a diabetic reversal meal plan, which takes out the fuss of planning from you. Imagine there is a coach and a nutritionist to guide you and you are getting prepared meals that are diabetes-friendly at your doorstep. It is not only helping you reverse it, but you are also enjoying your meals. Imagine still eating dessert, or your favourite meals in a different format like a Pizza or a burger. So that's where I realized if I help people achieve their goals in a convenient and systematic manner, it will really make life more meaningful.

What surveys or experiments have you conducted to reach the conclusion that diabetes is reversible?

Sakshi: Rather than experiments, we have real-life case studies of people who we have helped through our meal plans. It made us realize that it is highly possible and achievable and that's why I wanted to share this knowledge through my book with everyone. As we know India is the diabetic capital of the world. 1 out of 6 people have diabetes which is an extremely high number and the complications of diabetes at an advanced age are extremely severe.

The problem is exacerbated as diabetes is usually accompanied by other comorbid conditions. It not only increases the risk of getting heart disease but also means extreme precautions have to be taken if you fall ill in a pandemic like this. A lot of people are developing diabetes after Covid known as Covid induced diabetes. Thus, I thought it's of prime importance to write this book now and help people recognize and treat diabetes early on. With our meal plan and guidance, clients have seen vast improvements in their blood sugar levels, have reduced dosage or gotten off insulin completely. Thus, the book also contains an exact diet chart of 21 days with each meal and quantities listed to help you reverse type-2 diabetes.

From your case studies, mention a few tips and tricks for reversing diabetes


- The common problem that I have seen in India is the lack of protein in the diet for vegetarian diabetics. You know, we usually decrease our carbohydrates but we do not increase our protein or fat intake. This is not the right way, it is extremely important to maintain the right ratio that you require for diabetes reversal, which means for proteins you need to include good sources like nuts, seeds, and dairy like Paneer, which people usually avoid.

- The second tip that I'd like to mention, a lot of people think that in diabetes you have to avoid sweets since certain foods are restricted. However, having that kind of thought process ends up damaging a lot more, because when something is restricted you end up craving it way more. So, you will suddenly see friends or family binge on sweets one day. To avoid this pattern, it is always better to incorporate sweets in your lifestyle and we have shared recipes of several healthy desserts in the book which you can include in your daily diet.

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