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Airbnb's across India are all set to welcome travellers in 2022

IANSlife | January 01, 2022 11:37 AM

 With the new year approaching, it may appear that the holidays are coming to an end! But don't be discouraged; vacation season isn't done yet. It's only the beginning, as 2022 will include eight lengthy weekends! This translates to eight new trip options that are short, sweet, and revitalising.

Small vacations are well-known for being the most efficient method to vacation; they are less taxing and allow you to swiftly return to your normal routine. They are also beneficial to your mental health and can assist you in de-stressing from your daily routine. To make the most of your vacation, all you have to do is plan ahead for your trips, stays, and departures.

So, if you're ready to keep the vacation mindset going, here are some mini-break suggestions from Airbnb.

Check into Stellar Villa in Goa on weekend of 14th Jan

Begin the first of your little vacations in Goa! Everyone's favourite place to celebrate the end of the year should still be festive. Imagine endless stretches of sandy beach, palm-lined coastlines, cool night markets, and delectable cuisine from around the world! There's no better place for a quick getaway where you can relax and unwind while still feeling like you're on vacation. The Stellar Villa on Airbnb is a fantastic three-bedroom stay that will feel like an extension of your vacation, with lots of space for sunbathing, cooling down in the pool, sipping fruity cocktails on the lovely porch, or simply sleeping in the well-designed, minimalistic bedrooms. The hotel is conveniently located near some of the area's most popular beaches, so if you're searching for some exciting water sports or other activities, simply head out.

Fly to Dubai for a fulfilling holiday on 1st March

It is said that there is never a dull moment in Dubai. With Mahashivratri on Tuesday, take the Monday off and and stay at a 4-bedroom beachfront Airbnb Villa in Palm Jumeirah. In the city, where there are limitless sights and sensations, a short vacation might soon feel like a good long one. There's never a dull moment in this vibrant city, especially in March when the weather is ideal. But what good is a beautiful vacation spot if you don't stay in a luxurious hotel? In Palm Jumeirah, Airbnb Home Zahra is a beautiful four-bedroom beachfront villa with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. It also has a private pool and access to world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Spend the Holi weekend of18th March in Jaipur

Rajasthan is without a doubt one of India's most fascinating destinations, with a wealth of Indian history, culture, architecture, and splendour. As a result, it's no surprise that Holi is most popular here. Aside from Holi celebrations, you may explore beautiful sites like as the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, and Hawa Mahal, as well as sample some of the most delectable cuisine. To feel completely loyal, stay at the Airbnb Exclusive palatial Gudliya Suite in City Palace, Jaipur, which is housed in the royal chambers of The City Palace Jaipur. The suite comes with a personal butler and all the extravagance imaginable, such as tailored menus, magnificent furnishings, enormous lush gardens, and so on.

Visit Thailand for Good Friday on the 18th of April

Thailand has a laid-back culture that is ideal for a quick getaway, with plenty of beaches and restaurants to relax at for hours on end. If you want to get out and about, there is enough to do, including plenty of shopping. However, if you want to unwind, stay at this Thai Style Airbnb Plus Home, which is created to capture the essence of Thailand. A pool, a covered patio deck with perfect seclusion and abundance of natural light are the highlights of the stay. It boasts clean, modern decor with locally crafted d�cor, making it ideal for a short trip to Thailand.

Take a Road Trip to Lonavala on the 9th May for Eid

Lonavala is a short drive away if you live in Mumbai. It continues to be popular with tourists as well as locals who come to get a breath of fresh air. The Bhushi Dam, Tiger Point, and other attractions are worth seeing, although Lonavala is better experienced indoors. Eid falls on a Monday drive up to this 5BHK Pool Villa with your family or friends. The Rentalgram is one such place that does the hill station justice. The two-story, 10, 000-square-foot retreat is well designed for a magnificent vacation house. It features a pool with jacuzzi jets, air-conditioned rooms, home-cooked meals, an atrium where guests may rest, read, and play games, as well as lots of outdoor area to enjoy Lonavala at its best.

Club Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day to visit Manali in August

You may easily make this a 5-day weekend if you prepare beforehand. Before winter sets in, the weather will be ideal for getting out and about. This is also a low tourist season, so you'll avoid the throngs and get the most out of Manali. There's never a shortage of things to do here, and it's a pedestrian-friendly town, so you can take your time exploring the countryside. The Westwood Villa on Airbnb is the ideal hideaway for your Manali vacation. Go there for a whole rustic experience, replete with warm interiors, spectacular views of the Himalayas, and lush gardens. The four-bedroom palace, which is only a few minutes from old Manali, also boasts an appealing coffee shop and reading room.

Take a Swiss holiday on the Janmashtami weekend of 19th August

Three days in Switzerland may seem like a small time, but it's a fantastic getaway any time of year and for as long as you can spare. In reality, a vacation in Switzerland will never be enough. So why not treat yourself to some of Switzerland's most unique experiences and make it a weekend to remember? Planning and attempting to make more of the countryside would be excellent. Make a simple plan ahead of time and you should be good to go for a relaxing vacation. Stay at Airbnb's Villa Wilen to make your trip to Switzerland more special. You might never need to leave because it has lake access, stunning views of the Alps, garden lounges, a BBQ, and a panoramic lounge. The stay is known for its modern architecture and has quick access to major Swiss tourist attractions and ski resorts.

Celebrate Diwali in Sri Lanka on the 24th and 25th October

This year, Sri Lankans will celebrate the start of the winter season and the Diwali celebration. There are festive vibes all around the country, and there are plenty of places to visit and things to do. A trip to the mountains to see Kandy, Haputale, and Nuwara Eliya, or to explore some of the lesser-known coastal places, promises an exhilarating vacation. Stay at the wonderful Beach House , an Airbnb property for a relaxing vacation, which features huge open rooms with high ceilings, a ready-to-dive-in pool, spotless white decor, and plenty of natural light.

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