October 18, 2021


"I am soft and gentle but don't mistake my gentleness", Channi tells Punjab bureaucrats

kaumimarg.com | September 27, 2021 07:39 PM

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today gave a gentle but stern mto bureaucrats to get to work and deliver the results, telling them, " I am soft and gentle but please don’t mistake my gentleness for something that will let inaction go unnoticed.

In no uncertain terms Channi in his first meeting with the administratice secretaries and heads of the departments said, "I will act against those who won’t act for the common people". He was ample clear to convey that corruption will not be tolerated. The common man's work is priority of his government". He also insisted on giving due respect to ministers. MLAs and elected repersentatives.

He also underlined that officers must work beyond considerations of caste, creed and community. He added that complaints of corruption during transfers won’t be tolerated. He told the officers that he was happy with his little resources so he does'nt want anything from anybody except hard work. If anybody approaches the officers for any wrong doing with his name, please inform him immediately. Chief Minister sought cooperation of the officers to try to change the system for better.

Chief Secretary Anirudh Tiwari on behalf of officers said that all the secretaries have understood the message loud and clear' He said that they appreciate that such a clean and transparent road map has come directly from none else than the CM of the state. He assured they all will try to live to expectations of Chief Minister.

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