November 30, 2021


Shilpa Shetty on how her experience of dance, acting helped her as a judge on 'Super Dancer 4'

IANS | October 09, 2021 06:00 PM

 As the dance reality show 'Super Dancer 4' is coming to its finale 'Nachpan ka Maha Mahotsav', Shilpa Shetty Kundra shares in detail about nurturing the talents and how her experience as an actor and a dancer blend into the decisions she made as a judge on 'Super Dancer 4'.

Nurturing talent on such a public platform can be nerve wracking and what is the ultimate mantra to be a super dancer?

Says Shilpa Shetty: "It is a challenging task to be a judge of a kids' talent show for many reasons. But mainly because a child is a mould that needs care and attention to get in shape, and it is a big responsibility on our shoulders. There is no mantra to be a Super Dancer but to have an honest approach towards the craft. As long as you are passionate about the art form and a keen learner and not just in it for the sake of a competition."

She further adds how her experience as an actor and a dancer blend into the decisions she made as a judge: "Dance and acting have a lot in common. In fact, the history of many dance forms roots back to Natya Shastra. With both the performing arts, you try to tell a story, empathize with the audience, and move them. Coming from a background where I have had a chance to work with both the medium helps me evaluate a performance holistically and not just technically. Because a dance performance need not be technically perfect, it sure needs to communicate with you.

These dance reality shows help to bring out the talent from different parts of the country. And she comments: "We are a country with a brewing young talent spread across the states. This younger lot is simply waiting for someone to tap into his or her reservoir of talent and skill. A show like this helps in giving a person a platform, a chance to grow, and it also nurtures his gift."

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