April 15, 2021


Punjab Govt. has released Rs 10106 crores subsidy for FY 2020-21 A.Venu Prasad

Kaumimarg.com | April 07, 2021 04:17 PM


In order to help all the farmers, weaker sections of the society and promote industry in the state Punjab government has released Rs.10106 crore subsidy to Punjab state power corporation limited for financial year 2020-21. This was stated by Shri A.Venu Prasad CMD PSPCL in a press note here today. Details of subsidy released by Punjab Govt. as under Category of consumers Subsidy Amount released (Rupees in crore ) Agriculture subsidy 6056, SC/BPL/BC DS subsidy1610, Industrial subsidy 1991, ED adjustable 329 UDAY interest Adjustable 120, Total subsidy 10106 He said that PSPCL is providing subsidy to 36.27 lacs consumers of various categories in the state. CMD said that out of Rs.10621 crore, Rs.7180 crore subsidy has been earmarked for 13.87 lacs consumers of agriculture sector, Rs. 1513 crore subsidy for 21 lacs domestic consumers having sanctioned load upto 1 kilowatt, 200 units per month to SC/BPL/BC consumers and 300 units per month to freedom fighter consumers. For Industrial consumers of Punjab for SP category Power is supplied at the rate Rs 5 per KWH including fixed charges and for LS/MS category at the rate Rs 5 per KVAH as variable charges.

In addition to subsidy payment, punjab government has also taken over UDAY loan of Rs.15628 crore on 31.03.2020 and paid interest on UDAY bonds of Rs.1307 crore during the year 2020-21. He added that punjab government has also paid Rs.579 crore to punjab state power corporation limited for loss funding during the year 2020-21 under UDAY scheme.

He further added that in addition to this there is a balance of subsidy of Rs.5779 crore upto 31.03.2020

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