April 15, 2021


Assocham gives thumbs-up to the Haryana enterprises and employment policy

Kaumimarg.com | March 27, 2021 08:25 PM

During the meeting of the ASSOCHAM Haryana State Development Council held on Mar 27th, 2021, the key members of the council, unanimously applauded the recently launched Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy (HEEP 2020) and called it one of the most progressive industrial policies for the state. ASSOCHAM also appreciated the recently announced reforms by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana during a recently held industry meet in Chandigarh.

“I am confident that this policy is definitely going to act as a catapult force to attract more investments in the state and build a sustainable environment of ease of doing business for the existing and upcoming industries. The Govt of Haryana has shown a strong intent towards industrialization which is very appreciable. While there are competitive incentives for the new investments, this policy also provides a well thought out strategy to create and foster a suitable environment for the existing industries in the state. We also understand & acknowledge the positive intent of Govt of Haryana for the 75%” reservation for the local youth of the state as job creation remains a key challenge for every state. However, we are also hopeful that Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister will consider our suggestion of including Industry type &sector-wise phased threshold for the salary and the reservation, as various categories exist in Haryana and due to new normal impacted by COVID19, the work cultures have gone an entire paradigm shift”. Shares ShriVijay Sharma, Chairman, ASSOCHAM Haryana State Development Council and Director, Jindal Stainless.

Shri Jyoti Prakash Gadia, Co-Chairman, ASSOCHAM Haryana Council and MD, Resurgent India further comments “India is poised to become an established economic powerhouse. The collective spirit towards the target for Indian Economy to reach USD 5 Trillion benchmark is clearly reflected from such progressive policies such as the Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy released by the Govt of Haryana. It is only apt that the challenges of job creation and providing a holistic growth environment to the industry is the need of the hour and I appreciate Govt of Haryana to taking such progressive decisions.”

“ASSOCHAM is willing to work as an equal partner with the Govt of Haryana towards this mission of making Haryana a true hub of enterprises. Our council’s focus for the 2021-22 session remains on working closely with the state governments in creating jobs, facilitating investments, creating a robust ecosystem for skills and entrepreneurship development. ASSOCHAM’s national theme for this year identifies four pillars for holistic industrial growth, i.e. Sustainability, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Digitization.” Adds Shri Vijay Sharma.

Shri S V Goyal, CEO, Reliance Model Economic Township Limited, a senior member of the ASSOCHAM Haryana Council stressed on the ongoing debate on the 75% reservation announcement “We understand the positive intent of providing jobs to the local youth, but we also expect government to implement this gradually and analyse the sectoral challenges and aspirations of the industry as well. The threshold of the salary also needs to be kept at a lower side initially and then to be increased gradually providing a necessary comfort to already recuperating industry.”

Mr Lalit Aggarwal, Managing Director, V-Mart Retail stressed on the urgent need of implementation of state warehousing policy for the retail sector. He also appreciated the progressive intent towards industrialization of the state and attracting more investments for job creation.

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