August 10, 2020


Road mishaps decline in Haryana

Devinder Singh Kohli | July 24, 2020 07:27 PM

Chandigarh, Road accidents in Haryana have declined to 733 in June, witnessing a 17.64 per cent fall as compared to 890 in the corresponding period of 2019, Additional Director General of Police Navdeep Singh Virk said on Friday.

From nearly 30 daily cases of road mishaps reported in 2019, the number declined to 24 in 2020.

Virk said the incidents of road injuries, too, saw a decrease of 15.30 per cent while the road fatalities witnessed a decline of 20.04 per cent during this period.

He said the number of road accidents, fatalities and injuries reported between January and June this year also came down by 26.71, 26.77 and 26.88 per cent, respectively.

The Covid-19 lockdown from March 24 to May 31 also contributed to keeping a check on road accidents. The first half of this year has indicated that the state is doing well in terms of road and traffic safety.

This has been possible with proper monitoring and implementation of road safety laws, added Virk.

Sharing the official figures, he said the incidents of casualties saw a decline of 86 cases -- from 429 in 2019 to 343 in 2020.

Similarly, cases pertaining to incidents of injuries declined by 114 cases. As many as 631 cases of injuries to persons were reported in June 2020 as compared to 745 last year.

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