Amid coronavirus, only saints perform rituals in Kurukshetra

Devinder Singh Kohli | June 21, 2020 11:43 AM

Chandigarh,   Amid the coronavirus pandemic, only a few spiritual leaders on Sunday took a holy dip and performed rituals in the historical place Kurukshetra in Haryana, one of the places where the annular solar eclipse, wherein the sun appears like a ring of fire, was visible.

For barring gatherings, the local administration had imposed curfew in the town.

On earlier occasions, tens of thousands of people normally take a holy dip in Brahma Sarovar and Sannihit Sarovar in Kurukshetra, some 100 km from the state capital, on the occasion of solar eclipse.

"Only a small religious ceremony was organised on the bank of Brahma Sarovar keeping in view the sanctity of the place during the eclipse, " an official told IANS.

He said a select few priests from Rajasthan, Mathura and Vrindavan were allowed to hold prayers on the banks of Brahma Sarovar and the Sannihit Sarovar.

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